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    Error: Unable to Proceed with the Installation


      OS 10.9.2

      iMac 27-inch, Late 2009


      Install Adobe Flash Player Version (

      Safari Version 7.0.3




      I keep getting the above error when attempting the installation. I used the uninstall program from Adobe, but when I try to reinstall the same error occurs.


      I've also twice done the clean install that has worked the last two times I need to upgrade flash at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1267823 to no vail.


      Any advice appreciated!


      Thank you!


      PS If anyone has any contacts with Adobe, it would be super if they could ask them to remedy this update problem once and for all. On this particular iMac every time I try to update I waste an hour or two doing clean installs (which have previously worked, but not this time), a less than productive use of time. Our department IT folks say that we must upgrade because of all of the security flaws in Flash, so we don't have the option of staying with the older tried and true working versions