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    Cannot watch videos on Facebook all of a sudden. Just happened in last few days


      I cant see videos on facebook because it prompts (on facebook) that I do not have the latest version of Abobe Flash Player. I do have Flash Player since It came with my Windows 8.


      I made sure the "Active X" is NOT checked in the drop down window, and also made sure the "Shockwave Flash Object" is ENABLED in the 'Manage Ad-Ons' menu.


      This error has occured in the last few days for no reason apparent to me.


      Also, after running the checks and troubleshooting from the Adobe help pages, It says I do indeed have Flash Player and no need to update or upgrade, Yet at the same time, says it is not enabled after I have followed all steps to enable it.


      When I "Test Flash Player" from the Adobe test page, it says: Either flash player is disabled or active x filter is on.

      When I try to download the update for windows 8 64 bit machine,  It says its already on my computer.


      Can anyone help?

      Thanks, John