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    Adobe Photoshop CC useless and licensing not working


      I am so beyond fed up at this moment. I took the time and this year decided to make sure all my products is licensed so I signed up for Adobe photoshop CC and lightroom. But the support and the working has been shocking.


      I've got so many issues and none are being resolved:

      1) When I start photoshop it counts down the trial (only 13 days left) I press license and it tell me it need to sign in, so one of two things happen:

      2) It either signs in but then immediately tells me I've been signed out to try again, and keep doing that OR

      3) It signs in and then tell me to enter a serial number which I dont have - its CC duh!!

      4) So then I try contacting support and there is NO RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!


      5) I havent even downloaded lightroom yet - dont know where


      6) Photoshop keeps hanging! the trial of the old CS6 never hang, I've got 16gb ram, loads anloads of space and none of my graphics programmes have EVER had a problem. Its beyond irritating to have to close CC and loose an edit