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    CS6 No Audio When Imported (M2TS)


      I Have A M2TS File Video That Has Sound Which I Recorded With My HD Pvr And When I Import It Into CS6 It Has No Waveform, No Audio In Ram Preview, And No Audio After Rendering. (Yes I have audio checked in rendering settings)


      The Odd Thing Is That It Was Just Working Yesterday... Wtf!

      When I Play It Outside Of AAE It Works Fine With Audio But The Moment I Put It In AAE Theres No Sound -.-



      This is pissing me off so much like birworfiwubevwheoiasdknhvbwfu7y4fihrufhoh859grbwuo.

      How do I fix this? I would think it would be a simple fix because its something with AAE not my HD pvr.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should be using the Sony importer to import your original M2TS files so the audio is properly locked to the video. Just about anything can break the link.


          When I work with M2TS files they are all transcoded to a 10 bit production codec. The codec used depends entirely on the project specifications. If there are more than 2 audio tracks they are extracted and synced up later in the NLE or in Audition.