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        hemanthR Adobe Employee

        We can help you out if you can post /PM your files.

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          Msowers Level 1

          Hi Hemanth,



          Thank you for responding so quickly!



          I actually solved that issue... But I am having a second issue.



          I am making a slide show as stated before and I want to make it so when you click this image of an arrow (>) I made it takes you to the next slide. There are 8 slides. My problem is that the arrow will only go from the firt animation to the second animation... I can not give it multiple actions making it so on every slide you click this arrow to take you to the next.



          Can you help me resolve this?



          I hope so!



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            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Since you are not providing your files it is hard to know how you coded this. In general with one button you have to increment a counter like i++ on your click event.

            If you have labels or symbols you can just put them in an array and increment.

            If you cannot post your files on forum you can send a link privately to any one you choose to look at your files.

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              Msowers Level 1



              How can I send you a link privately?


              Thank you, that would be very helpful!




              What I did was simply place stop triggers between the slides. Than labeled the different slide animations on the time line. Next I right clicked the arrow and added an action "click", sym.play("animation1"); . For the next slide I labeled it animation2. So I did the same thing and added a click action to the arrow and labeled that sym.play("animation2")



              So the action "click" code for the arrow looks like this



              1 sym.play("animation1");

              2 sym.play("animation2");