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    What do I do now that I can't download books?


      Previously there was problem with my ability to properly use my Adobe ID account on two different devices with Overdrive, now I cannot read any of the books I'm borrowing. What I was trying to do was find out why I couldn't continue reading the borrowed book fluidly between devices, now I can't open the book on either device period. What I noticed at first was that the book was suddenly invalid saying that my account once again had too many activations, when previously I had no problem reading on this device before attempting to use Overdrive One. I tried what it suggested to me, which was delete the book and download it again, but when I did that, it was impossible for me to download it again, the same warning of too many activations occured again. I tried to return the book to start all over again, but this is one of the books that make it so I must hold it for the whole duration to what I originally agreed to, no early returns; the return date is about three weeks away. This same problem extends to a book I downloaded but have yet to even attempt to read. I just don't know what to do anymore, I want to continue reading my book, but there is now no possible way for me to download it; live chatting doesn't work, they just end up recommending I come here. Can anyone tell me what to do?