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    how to pass Status and location for bookmarking in flash using FSCOMMAND

      Dear All,

      I am developing a eLearning course using flash 8. I have done the SCORM 1.2 packaging with all the supportive files. In flash i have done the following code for FScommand value passing for Location and status.

      The follwing code is in the first frame of my flash file to get values.
      if (ImsIntialized == false)
      ImsIntialized = true;
      } // end if
      if (ImsIntialized == true)
      fscommand("LMSGetValue", "cmi.core.student_name,full_name");
      fscommand("LMSGetValue", "cmi.core.lesson_location,nlocation");

      if (nlocation == "one")
      else {

      The "nlocation" variable is a dynamic text field which need th get the value.

      Also iam using the following code to send values.
      fscommand("LMSSetValue", "cmi.core.lesson_status,incomplete");
      fscommand("LMSSetValue", "cmi.core.lesson_location,one");

      fscommand("LMSSetValue", "cmi.core.lesson_status,completed");
      fscommand("LMSSetValue", "cmi.core.lesson_location,five");

      bookmarking is not working. Please help me to resolve this.
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          I know this post is old, but I'm hoping that you can help me. I'm in a similar situation that you were in at the time you posted this topic. I've published my course in Flash using the Flash Scorm 1.2 template. I then created a Scorm 1.2 package using Reload Editor which generated the imsmanifest.xml file and other files. You mentioned in your original thread that you've done "the SCORM 1.2 packaging with all the supportive files." Can you tell me what those files were? I don't know what files I need, but the Reload Editor generated the following for me:

          my html file
          my swf file and other dynamically loaded txt files the are using in my swf

          There is no APIWrapper.js file; do I need it?

          I'm able to launch the course in my LMS, but I don't know how to set the completion status. Let's say that I want to set the completion status when btn_Exit is pressed. I need code that looks somthing like this:

          btn_Exit.onPress = function():Void
          // I need code here that closes the window in which my course is running and changes the course status in LMS to "Completed".

          Can you help me out with this?

          Thank you!