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    Getting the error (23::46) when adding effects to comp

    rOn Burgundy

      Hi all,


      If I try to add effects like Text-->Numbers or Obsolete-->Basic Text to a solid in my comp, i get the following error message "After Effects error: could not convert Unicode characters.". I have done some research on this and found people that had the same issue when trying to import footage or images. I get the message just by starting a new comp adding a solid and then try to add the effects mentioned above, so their is no footage or image involved here.


      I`m running on Win7 Professional 64bit service pack 1 (english) and After Effects CC ( I don`t think this is part of the problem but here are more hardware infos (just in case):


      - NVIDIA GTX 570

      - Intel Core i7 2600K

      - 16GB DDR3 Corsair (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9)

      - ASUS P8P67 Mainboard



      I`m running AE cc on a Lenovo U310 aswell and do not have any issues there, so I assume something must be wrong with the OS or with AE on my main PC. Does anyone have a clue what`s wrong?


      Glad for any hint.

      Thanks Michael