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    building an interactive map in edge animate

    Sika68 Level 1

      Hi, I need a bit of advice as I am fairly new to using edge animate.  I want to build a map of my local area, which I have already done in illustrator, and what I want the map to be able to do is when the mouse hovers over a certain area of the map, the map enlarges so that then it is easier for the user to click and find out more.  I downloaded the interactive marquee which you can download for free from Simon Widjaja  hoping that I could fathom out how to do it but I am still lost.  Does anyone know of any tutorials that would help me try and achieve this.



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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi Michele,


          There are many different ways to do this. All require some understanding of javascript/the Edge Animate API.


          If I were building something like this, I'd have 1 symbol for the large map. And when a user clicks/rolls over a hotspot, I'd call a function in the sym.compositionReady event to spawn a new symbol that corresponds to the zoomed-in hotspot. (You'd create a symbol in the library for each hotspot). This would be added on top of the large map as a overlay, which could be removed witha close button. For my mind, this would be more straight forward than actually scaling up/down the large map itself.


          See the API doc for info on spawning/removing a dynamic symbol from the library:


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