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    Art Brush Tool Not Working


      I am using Flash CS6 on a MacBook Pro (OSX 10.8.5) -- in CS5, I was able to use the Art Brush extension to "bend" symbols for animation purposes (character arms & legs, in particular) by 1) creating a stroke path, 2) selecting it, 3) selecting the symbol in Library and 4) using Command > Art Brush Normal. Voilá, a bent leg in the shape of the selected stroke.


      For some completely baffling reason, it doesn't work that way in CS6 right now.  The best I get is a weirdly "mirrored" image of the symbol which transforms the stroke (outline) and fill (color) elements of a simple rectangle into an "X" shape. Any suggestions on what happened, or what I may be doing wrong now, would be deeply appreciated. I really need this to work, and as soon as possible.


      Thank you in advance!