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    Organizer 12


      When setting up Mobile albums, I accidentally selected All files instead of Selected files. So now Organizer is trying to load up Revel with everything I have.  Fortunately, I only have the complimentary version of Revel, so it stopped when it reached 50 files, the monthly limit.  My question is: how can I reverse this mistake before next month when it is likely to continue to load 50 more files, etc. ?

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          Where is the Elements Organizer 12 coming from, Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements? You have posted in the Premiere Elements Forum (video editing focus). Is that where you meant to be?


          You should be able to go to the Adobe Revel web site, sign into your account and delete and add images to albums of your choice.


          At the Elements Organizer 12 level, have you gone to Edit Menu/Preferences/Adobe Revel and looked for appropriate Account settings? I suspect this should set things on course for next month at least.


          You also have the option of asking your question at the Adobe Revel Forum.



          I am not sure how Adobe Revel handles your "everything" mistake. Whether you are "grounded" from any more uploads for this month. Or whether someone somewhere can wipe your slate clean to give you the never happened for this month.


          Please let us know the outcome.





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