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    Pr CC crash on render every time... and project appears mangled...


      This is new for me in Pr, although not new on computers in general. I'm looking for hints on:

      1) How do I best diagnose and/or report bugs like this?

      2) Why would Pr think a project file is corrupt... when it is not?


      I have a significant video conversion project under way. The current file is a 90 minute (VHS to digital) file. Everything has been going well. But after adding a couple of effects (B&W, Shadow & Highlight), now about 50 minutes into a multi-hour export, Pr crashes hard.


      I have the crash log from Windows.


      This time around I could not re-open my project file ("corrupted") until I rebooted my computer. Then all was well again.


      SO.... I'm left with the above questions.


      The crash point is nothing special in the project. Right in the middle of a section of video. No glitches. I'm doing a re-render of just the area around the crash and it looks like nothing special will happen.


      Hints? Clues?