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    Creative Cloud Website returning 410 error message (gone)




      I'm having trouble with the creative cloud website. I can get to the login screen, but once I enter my details and am redirected to the home page I am faced with a blank screen. Inspecting the requests shows that a call to api/profile?_={string of numbers} returns a 410 (gone) response. The response body is as follows {message:data migrated}.


      Having contacted chat support I've been told that the reason for this is because my Windows login (for my computer) has an @ sign in it (I'm running Windows 8 which by default uses a Microsoft ID for logging in). I've been told that in order to access the creative cloud web interface I will need to create a local account on my PC with no special characters. I really don't think this is the case. Can anyone explain what's happening with this? I think it's impossible for the following reasons


      As far as I was aware, non IE browsers don't have access to your PC username; so this couldn't be sent with the request


      Adobe would have no reason to check the username of the computer you're logged into, and it would probably be a breach of privacy if they did gain access to it


      This would mean that the web interface is not supported for Windows 8 users running on default settings


      The response error code and message seem to suggest that the server isn't having any trouble parsing anything; as I would expect a 500 if this were the case


      Am I missing anything here. Has anyone else had the same problem? Or has anyone else been able to access the web interface logged in to Windows with a microsoft account name?


      Thanks for your time,