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    Cannot load books onto Kobo Glo.

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      So I am having annoying issues with my Kobo Glo. I will try to keep this simple.


      So, I recently moved to a different province, and to save on luggage space I brought a smaller laptop - one I have never used with my kobo before. I loaded all the proper programs on it, downloaded a book...and it said I did not have permission to load it onto my kobo.


      SO I went to the internets and did the following steps.


      1)deauthorized my computer

      2) reauthorized my computer


      No Dice.


      so I moved on to the next step that the internet suggested, and deleted the .adobe-whatever file that the discussion pages suggest deleting, then plugged the kobo back in again....


      No dice.



      SO! My next step - I hit the little reset button, and tried again. Still didn't work.


      Finally, I did a full blown factory reset on my kobo. Guess what? Now it wont let me authorize my computer. Anytime I try, it tells me that the "vender account you entered is not associated with the item you are trying to open". I am using the exact username and password that I used the first time, when it  let me authorize my computer. Now it decides it doesn't like it.


      Can someone please help me fix this?


      As background, I'm using windows 7