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    Scripting the Printing Booklet...

    m8r-vrpa5v Level 1

      Hey there...


      I'm trying to help a friend making the automation for some tasks on InDesign.

      He want's to print the document as a booklet (he's making books), but seems like he can only print as a PostScript Printer... and then use Distiller to transform it to PDF.

      So... first thing first...

      I'm trying to:

      1. Define PrintBooklet Settings (done)
      2. Define PrintPreset Settings (done)
      3. Print using app.activeDocument.printBooklet();


      This works but... asks me where I want to save and what name I want to give to it.

      I wanted to automate this completely... because I need to print it twice (the book is composed of 2 booklet printings).


      Is it possible to use app.activeDocument.printBooklet(); (or other instruction) and print it wherever I want with the name I want (I would have to make some kind of rule).

      I tried app.activeDocument.printBooklet(false); but seems to be "lost in the air".


      Can anyone help me? Do you need the whole code or is this enough to understand what I need?


      Many thanks for the help.