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    Help with Glossary in RoboHelp 9




      Is it possible to create a glossary from an imported word file? If yes, how can it be done?


      Urgent help required.

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Glossary hotspot wizard?

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Sorry Jeff, that won't work. The hotspot wizard takes an existing glossary that has been defined, then scours the topics looking for matches to glossary terms. Where a match is found, a hotspot is created.


            For the O/P, there actually *IS* a way that will let you massage terms in Word, then save out as a pure TXT file and perform some copy/paste and whatnot to coax the glossary in. The problem with that approach is that it would likely be more work than simply copying and pasting the data from Word to the RoboHelp Glossary.


            There is a "third" and "outside the box" manner in which you may deal with this. It's an approach I've taken with one of my existing projects. You may create a simple HTML topic page and call it the "glossary". Then link to this page from the main toolbar, TOC or elsewhere. With this approach you have the added benefit of adding links and images and other things you don't normally get to achieve with the built in RoboHelp glossary.


            Cheers... Rick

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              This may be the help file you are looking for: Importing a Word TOC, index, and glossary.


              It's not very complete, but you may be able to figure it out.


              I had a table in Word with glossary entries. I used find and replace to create a GLO file with Word. It's rather cumbersome, but you can give this a try. I expect next time I will apply styles to the tems and definitions in a separate Word file, and then try importing them into a new project to create an new GLO file. Then I can import that into my existing project.


              Here are the steps I followed:

              1. Copy table to blank Word file (two columns).

              2. Delete all paragraph marks within cells.

              3. Convert table to text. When prompted for separating text, select Tabs.

              4. Press Ctrl + H.

              5. In Find what field, enter ^t

              6. In Replace with field, enter </glossentry>^p^t^t<glossdef>

              7. Click Replace All

              8. In Find what field, enter ^p^t^t

              9. In Replace with field enter ****

              10.Click Replace All

              11.In Find what field, enter ^p

              12.In Replace with field enter </glossdef>^p^t</glossentry>^p^t<glossentry>^p^t^t<glossterm>

              13.Click Replace All

              14.In Find what field, enter ****

              15.In Replace with field, enter ^p^t^t

              16.Click Replace All

              17.At top of file insert these two lines:

                 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

                 <glossary version="1.0">

              18.Press Enter, press Tab, and type <glossentry>

              19.Press Enter, press Tab twice, and type <glossterm>

              20.At bottom of file, delete anything after the last </glossdef>, press Enter, press Tab, and type </glossentry>

              21.Press Enter and type </glossary>

              22.Save as .TXT file with UTF-8 encoding.

              23.Close Word.

              24.Rename file as .GLO file.

              25.Import as glossary file into RH.