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    PDF presets not showing up in indesign CC

    Doctor retard2000



      We have about 28 CC users on mac (mavericks), and we've just started using Indesign CC within the last month or so.

      My problem is that we are 'deploying' via remote desktop, a standard set of PDF presets so everyone have the same settings. This works fine on cs3-cs6. But for some reason it does not work with indesign CC. CC wil only show the presets that are in the users/xxx/Application support/Adobe PDF/Settings folder and not the ones from the default folder /Library/Application support/adobe/adobe PDF/settings .


      I can add them by either loading the presets in indesign one by one, on every single mac, or manually  also on every single mac, put the presets in the users folder, but both options really suck. Mind you we change presets very often, so this is really not ideal for me.


      Hope someone can help direct me to the master PDF preset folder for CC - The one folder who rules them all !!!