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    Exporting AVCHD 1080p 50: can't see setting or how to override in "Advanced", what am I missing pls?


      Hi all,


      I've just bought Premiere Elements 12 to edit some Sony camcorder footage.  I've recorded in 1080p 50fps and I want to export in the same resolution/framerate.  When I click Publish+Share, Computer, AVCHD, the only 50fps presets I see are for 720p.  When I click on the Advanced tab to try and override, I can select Pal, 1920x1080 but the only frame rates I'm offered are either "25" or "automatic based on source".  It seems strange to me that there isn't an explicit option for 50fps.  Am I missing something please?


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          OraAmator Level 1

          Thanks very much for the speedy reply. 


          I don't know if you can see the screenshot attachments from my post, but I think I tried to do exactly that and unfortunately the "Export Settings" window (the second picture on the right of my post) doesn't show the same range of frame rate options that you have (it only has "25" and "Automatic (based on source)" - with a similarly restricted range shown for NTSC too.  Perhaps I'm missing the presets and I can upload them from somewhere?  I've downloaded and updated the latest versions.  Thanks again,

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on? Asked in case, we have to get into version specific information later.


            Customizing the export settings under Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with Presets = HD720p50 is not going to work for your purposes even if you set the following fields to "Automatic (based on source)" after setting for 1920 x 1080

            Frame Rate

            Pixel Aspect Ratio

            Field Order

            I took a 1080p50 file into this situation and obtained a field

            25 frames per second

            16:9 display ratio


            Clearly the "Automatic (based on source)" is not working as expected.

            This type of situation has been associated with other "Automatic (based on source"" opportunities elsewhere in Publish+Share in 12 and has been encountered in other Premiere Elements versions as well.


            Is there any requirement that your export have a .m2t file extension?


            I would suggest that you use the following for your export which will give you your 1080p50 as AVCHD.mp4 instead of AVCHD.m2t.





            with Presets = MP4 - H.264 1920 x 1080p25

            and then under the Advanced Button/Video Tab, customize the Export Settings as shown in the screenshot. Please let me know if the screenshot is clear enough to read from



            Bitrate adjusts can be made, depending on your compromising between Bitrate, Quality, and File Size.


            We will be watching for your results.


            Thank you.




            Add On...the search for the whys for "Automatic (based on source)" failures has been an ongoing one for me and others. No answers to date.

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              OraAmator Level 1

              Thanks very much again for the quick reply - I'm always struck by the generosity of forum contributors and it's really appreciated.


              Your reply also helped me spot what I'd missed from the first reply - thank you to you both.  You were both highlighting that if I try to export as mp4 (instead of m2t) then I will receive greater customisation options in the Advanced tab (including 1080p50).  I can now see that option and will use that approach.


              I was thinking that I'd be better off staying in m2t (rather than mp4) because my Sony camcorder (HD-PJ810) takes video in both formats and the mp4 is visibly much more lossy and I figured this would be the case for any exports that I make (if I want to watch direct only HTDV I thought I'd be better to keep the file as an m2t).  Can I expect similar quality from an mp4 AVCHD export, and if so what compromise would you suggest between Bitrate and size please? (storage isn't really a problem).


              To finish out the query, I'm guessing that there's no way to stay in m2t and export at 50fps then?  Would there be any benefit to staying in the m2t format rather than mp4? (I've done very little video editing in the past and I always find file format / export questions to be a huge source of confusion).  Again, appreciate the help - I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.5, 2.7GHz i7 with 16GB of RAM and internal flash storage.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the follow up with additional information.


                For the Premiere Elements Mac user, look to the .mov and .mp4 wrapper with H.264 or AVCHD video compression.


                The Bitrate settings that Adobe offers as defaults are typically optimized in the presets. But, you could always look for better for your specific video footage by increasing the Bitrate to a point where the lastest quality result looks like the prior one. But, while you are doing this experimenting, you have to watch for the file size to make sure that the highest bitrate does not make the file size prohibitive. But, definitely look into this in the situation where your source may have a higher bitrate than the Adobe default in the preset selected.


                I have found no way to stay with 50p and the .m2t file extension. The "Automatic (based on source)" does not work.


                Besides the AVCHD.mp4 (1080p50), you might want to check out H.264.mov (1080p50). For the latter,




                and use Presets = PAL DV 16:9

                Under the Advanced Button/Video Tab, then customize the Export Settings, starting with setting Video codec = H.264.

                And, then use the settings are show in the screenshot.



                For Bitrate Settings, I have a check mark next to Limit data rate to 12000 kbps (kilobits per second) for you to start with. We can go into converting kbps to Mbps (megabits per second) if necessary. If you leave that Bitrate Settings option unchecked, the file size will be huge I suspect.


                I will do some homework to determine if 1080p50 with the .m2t file extension (wrapper format) is a supported one for any video editor.


                More later. Looking forward to your results.


                Thank you.



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                  A just in case note....


                  In Premiere Elements 12 Publish+Share/Computer, there are several categories, but often the user sees only 3, that is, Adobe Flash Video, MPEG, and AVCHD. There are more including QuickTime, but you have to scroll down the list to get there. Note the small scroll bar to the right of the choices. You can use that or click on Adobe Flash Video so that its panel is blue, and then use the down arrow key to go down the list or the up arrow key to go up the list.


                  The whole list should include

                  Adobe Flash Video





                  Windows Media






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                    OraAmator Level 1

                    Again - very helpful, thank you.  I'll complete the project over the next month or so and then let you know where I settle in terms of best export results (or my interpretation at least).


                    All the best,

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                      OraAmator Level 1

                      Hi ATR,


                      So, reporting back after a lot of trial and error and a lot of "coaster-creation"!  As a reminder, I'm working with 1080p50 footage from a Sony HDR-PJ810, editing via Premiere Elements 12.1 on a Macbook Pro Retina 16GB i7.


                      I've finished editing the footage, and have tried a number of different modes of export, both direct from Premiere to disc (DVD, BluRay and AVCHD) and by exporting to "Computer" from Premiere and then burning to disc (both video and data) via Toast 11 Titanium Pro.


                      I've yet to find a way to get full 1080p50 to play back on my home entertainment system, but I suspect this may be more to do with compatibility problems with my home rig (Samsung  PS58C6500 TV with Samsung HT-C5550 Blu-Ray/DVD) than due to export problems.


                      My findings below - I'm sure this will be old news to you, but I post to share my thoughts in case they're useful for someone else (and perhaps also to see if I'm missing anything).

                      - DVD export from Premiere (PAL_Widescreen_Dolby): notably poorest quality, to be expected (poor resolution and dark colour/contrast).

                      - AVCHD (H.264 1920x1080i PAL Dolby): much better than DVD - this was the version we used to share the video with family.

                      - Blu-ray export from Premiere (H.264 1920x1080i PAL Dolby): very similar to AVCHD, but perhaps slightly better with still images, and perhaps seemed a little "smoother". 

                      All formats came out 25fps by default (i.e. if I cycle through one frame at a time there are 25 observations per second) - presumably this is actually 50i though?


                      It wasn't possible to modify the settings for "Publish+Share" via disc (within Premiere) to try and target 50p instead, so I also tried a number of ways to export via the "Computer" tab, using Toast to then burn the files to disc.


                      As discussed above, I focussed on AVCHD mp4 as a base setting, and used the "Advanced" box to modify to 50p.  Although I was able to create a 1080p50 mp4 file that I could view on my laptop, there was no way to view it on the Samsung TV (either via Samsung Blu-ray/DVD, newer external Blu-ray/DVD or direct via USB drive) - I got close with one version but it was skipping and juddery - again, I think this is more down to player compatability/capability.


                      One surprising result for me came from choosing "Publish+Share", Computer, AVCHD, mp4 - HD 720p 50, and then burning to DVD within Toast 11 (choosing "High Definition DVD-Video") - this resulted in an output that had slightly worse resolution than the 1080i Blu-ray above (although with my source material it wasn't too obvious that it was lower res) but perhaps more importantly it had much better colour/contrast and was much brighter in general.  I found myself preferring this 720p50 output to the 1080i output direct to disc from Premiere.


                      I'm still retaining the option to re-export as 1080p50 and burn to disc within Toast at a later date, but I think I'll need to upgrade my system before that works on my TV (presumably just my Blu-ray/DVD, given that the TV is clearly capable of 50fps?).  If anyone has advice as to a cheap Blu-ray/DVD player that can cope with 1080p50 then please let me know.


                      This does leave me wondering whether I should just film in 1080p25 in future (since that's all I'm really using with those standard Premiere outputs), but given that I don't really have storage or processing concerns, I can't help but feel that filming in 1080p50 leaves me more "future proofed" (and it also enables me to use that 720p50 output too).  Open to other suggestions here though.


                      As a final aside, I encountered the same problem that some others have when uploading photos to the "Movie Menu" of a 16:9 project - namely finding that the Movie Menu was actually in 4:3 (but then displaying on the TV in 16:9) and that this created a distorted "main menu" photo - pulling the photo out sideways and creating black bars.  The solutions discussed have generally involved changing the underlying menu file via Photoshop, but that seemed a bit too painful to me - I just squashed the aspect ratio of my photo so that the 4:3 menu looked squashed within Premiere, but then expanded it back to the right size on the TV - had to iterate a couple of times and measure the size of black bars on the TV screen, but it worked fine eventually.


                      Thanks all, really impressed with the support offered on this forum.