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    vectors definition in AE


      Dear AE fellow users,


      I am posed with the following dilema: I would like my vector based animation in AE to have the best resolution possible but, because the final product is intended for the web, I have my composition set for 720 x 480 (or similar, its one of the presets, NSDV, I think) and that results in rather poor quality vector graphics even though I have the continuous anti-aliasing checked and the view at full resolution.


      Now, if I use, for instance, the HDTV settings, I get a much better result but naturally the whole project becomes heavier and more difficult to render on screen not to mention that I would have to downsize it anyway for final output.


      My question is: are there any means to improve my vectors definition mantaining a small size (like with Flash)?


      I thank you in advance for your time and patience.


      Cheers to all



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Who told you that you would have to downsize your product for the web?

          Any decent video on YouTube is available in 720p or 1080p and has been for the past several years. Heck, you can even upload a 4K video to YouTube.

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            jvmonteiro Level 1

            'Heck', I think you missed my point Szalam, I never said I wanted to to upload anything to Youtube, I was just asking folks around here if there were any means to improve vector graphics quality while working with a small/medium sized file size, one of my problems being the relatively small amount of ram (16 gb) and relatively slow processor (2.5GHz Intel Core i5) available on my machine.


            Thanks for the input anyways


            Thanks for the input

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If your issue is your machine's speed, don't worry about it. Work at half-res or quarter-res as much as possible.

              If your issue is how it looks online, you can't really do anything to help that. The only way to output vector graphics to the web is in something like Flash - there's nothing you can really do with After Effects to make it better. A small size is going to be either small or icky when blown up.


              Now, your vector graphics quality should be the same no matter what size your composition is. Your original post looks like it's saying that things look sharper in a higher-res comp, but that shouldn't be the case. The sharpness of the vectors should look the same - as long as the composition zoom level is the same.


              Although, now that I think about it, perhaps the issue is that the smaller composition template you've chosen doesn't use square pixels. Non-square pixels will look a bit funny while previewing, but will look better once rendered into the final output. (It's always best to work with square pixels in AE, if possible.)

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                jvmonteiro Level 1

                I guess I didn't explain myself so well Slazam, but now I understand what you are saying, i.e. there is really no way to have vectors looking as such (resolution free) inside AE and the difference in quality is only apparent according to zoom level...I'm affraid I have (unintentionally) mixed up two different issues here:


                1) that, due to hardware limitations I find it difficult to edit higher resolution movies so I was hoping I could keep them smaller and still get good results...

                2) that I was convinced that even if I produced a higher resolution movie I was going to have to downsample it anyway before I could upload it anywhere...


                As it turns out both these assumptions are wrong, but then you have to excuse me because this whole thing about image sizes vs image resolution has always been very confusing for me.

                But I'll make sure to check if my template is square pixels. That was an important tip.


                Thanks a lot once more

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  This page might help you with optimizing your machine for use with After Effects. If there's anything else we can help you with, let us know.

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                    jvmonteiro Level 1

                    Excelent resource and its free! I'm delighted, just need to digg into it:)

                    I really aprecciate yr help.