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    Saving a file as a TIFF


      Hi All,


      I am new to this so not sure how it normally goes...


      I am having a problem with saving out a file I have created in ID. I need to save it out as a TIFF but just noticed that this isnt an option in ID.


      I need to create a file which is 140 cm x 180 cm and save it as a TIFF as this is  the only file format my digital fabric printer will accept. The finished file will consist of some text but mainly images and vector graphics. I did try and make the file in AI but when i tried to save out as a TIFF at 180 dpi a message popped up....


      'the combination of artwork and resolution exceeds the maximum'


      Does anyone have any tips or a way around this? I am quite new to Adobe so not sure which program would be best to create such file.