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      On May 17th I purchased three software applications: Adobe RoboHelp 11, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and Adobe Captivate 7. I’ve spent a few hours on the phone with a technical person. The issues were too complex to be dealt with, and I knew I needed to have my issues escalated. I’ve also printed a wide range of “how to” from your support pages. I finally gave up. I’m beginning to get frustrated to the max. I’ve purchased other software programs and the Adobe products are the only applications I cannot easily install.

      It is hard for me to spend hours day after day trying to get to the right person. I’m going to give a summary of my problems. Please take this and escalate it. I’ve also purchased a new computer. I scoped out the requirements for these three programs with specifications in mind. This should not be an issue.

      The best way to reach me is my email vs. phone. When I get instructions for how to proceed, I prefer a one-on-one with the phone. The preferred number is: 561-366-7122.

      Error Messages and Software Key Data Entry

      • It looks like the Akamai Download Manager, RoboHelp 11, Adobe Acrobat XI, and Captivate 7 look as they have downloaded and installed. However, when I try to register them, I put in the codes then submit and nothing happens. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve also installed and uninstalled many times while trying different things.
      • I noticed when I would download, the download went to several different places on my computer. One was to my desktop, one was to C:\Program Files\Adobe; C:\Users\Sharon\Download; and C:\Desktop\Download\Adobe.  
      • I’ve received several error messages while trying to download and install multiple times: 1) “Setup detected a higher version ADOBE PDF Creation Add on 11.0.01 installed. Setup to terminate.  2) Installer detected that a machine restart may be pending (I would restart, make sure everything was closed, I still got the message. I even checked out the Task Manager to see if I could detect what was open); 3) System not modified. Run setup another time.
      • When I put the software key into the proper text boxes to register and upon submit, the application just closes. I’m left nowhere. I feel like I’m in an endless loop.
      • I downloaded with and without the Download Manager.


      • When I sat on online with the tech, he had me retrieve a files from the SL Cache Folder. I was instructed to rename the file from SLStore to SLStoreold. I was then instructed to cut and paste it to the desktop.  It did not work. When I put the software key into the proper text boxes to register and upon submit, the application just closes. I’m left nowhere. Again, I was in an endless loop.
      • I’ve checked my pop-ups, they are on; I enlarged the cache; I’ve disable my firewall and my Norton security software.
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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the RoboHelp forum.


          Shardeva you may also want to consider posting your specific inquires regarding Captivate and Acrobat to their respective forums.  I would recommend the following forums:


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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there


            Just for clarification, you purchased on May 17 last year? Or did you possibly mean Mar 17? (Just seems a really long time to wait to seek help)


            I'm guessing you purchased three separate products and not the Technical Communications Suite (which would have contained each of the products as well as other products for a likely lower price)


            If you purchased the independent products, you would have three separate install files to deal with. And I do believe that Adobe likes to use the Akami download manager. So that may have been the first download. Install the downoad manager, then download each of the products.


            Unfortunately, this will likely require someone from Adobe tech support to help you resolve.


            Cheers... Rick

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional



              First it is important that you understand your request for Adobe to contact you here will not reach the people you need, this is essentially a user to user forum although some Adobe staff do pop in. However, they may not be the people you need.


              Given the current scenario what I would do if I were alongside you is uninstall whatever you have installed and then reboot.


              I would also doubt the downloads and repeat that process. Where the software downloads should be determined by your browser settings and generally Firefox is better than IE. Set the browser to ask you where to download.


              Then install Acrobat first so that Rh sees it when you install Rh and do not tick the addin option. As you have the full Acrobat, you don't need it.


              Post back if that still does not resolve the issue.


              I am assuming you are on Windows 8 as it is a new machine.


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