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    f4v-file doens't play in ID-created swf when published on server

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      I've made an InDesign CS6 document and added a few f4v-files to it. Then i've exported the InDesign-file to SWF, including a HTML-file, and tested it locally. Everything works fine so far.


      Then i have uploaded the HTML-file, the SWF-file and the "[file name]_Resources"-folder, including all of its content, to my server. I would assume that this secures that all of the files (skin-swf's and f4v-files) are located in their right position and that paths are the way they should be.


      However, when running the HTML/SWF-file from my server in a browser, i can see the f4v preview picture, but when clicking on it in order to play the video, the preview picture disappers - and that is all that happens... The video doesn't show and the preview picture doesn't re-appear until i press the browsers "Refresh"-button.


      Further more I have a page with a f4v file that is set to play automatically when the page is downloaded. This file is placed in the "[file name]_Resources"-folder as well and uploaded to the server, but guess what? It works when tested locally - but not when i'm running it from the server...


      I am pretty sure this is not a paht-thing, because I have also included a couple of other SWF's into the InDesign-document, and these embedded SWF's works like a charm when viewed from the server - and they are situated in the same "[file name]_Resources"-folder as the f4v's.


      Ideas anyone..?


      UPDATE: I've now tried exporting from ID CC, hoping that the culprit was some kind of bug in ID CS6 - but it makes no difference: Still no f4v files shown when running it from my server...


      Oh, and btw: My Flash Player is v.


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