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    Story Editor bug

    KevinAtkins Level 1



      I'm currently experience a bug in story editor that is making it very hard to edit text effectively.


      The Story Editor works fine for a short while (maybe five minutes, sometimes a little longer), but then does odd things when selecting text. If I try to highlight a line of text by using Shift+DownArrow, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the story. If I try to move the cursor right with the RightArrow, the cursor doesn't move. Up, Left and Down appear to work okay, and moves the cursor in the appropriate direction. Any combination of shift or command or option with an arrow key does the same thing – moves the cursor to the start of the story.


      This behaviour sticks across closing / reopening the Story Editor, and, as I almost exclusively use the keyboard to control InDesign when editing books, I have to quit InDesign and relaunch to get things back to normal: a big pain and a time waster.


      Interestingly, perhaps, this behaviour only affects a single document; if I have a number of book files open, only one of them will be affected. To clarify, it's not just one InDesign file that shows this behaviour, but only one open file. It happens with different files at different times, but only a single file at a time, regardless of how many are open simultaneously.


      A few of my colleagues, who also use InDesign CC on their Macs for editing, also have the same issue. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue, or have any idea of what could be causing it?