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    How to set set form field option "...selected in unison" for radio buttons?


      In ID CS6 it is possible to create form fields (text field, combo box, radio button,...) and export them to pdf.

      This feature is the reason why we chose to upgrade to CS6.


      Now we look for one little option which is crucial for our forms to work properly:


      "Buttons with the same name and choice are selected in unison"


      This is a flag you can select in Adobe Acrobat, to link all the fields with the same name together.

      We have a RadioButtonGroup "Gender" on multiple pages within the PDF always displaying the radio buttons "Male" / "Female" of our customer.

      When he selects an option on any page, the others should be set to the same value.

      This behaviour was already achieved with Acrobat, setting the fieldname of all of the radiofields to "Gender", all the Radio Button Choices for the male fields to "M" and female to "F".


      Now that we create the form from ID we couldn't find any option to activate the unison-behaviour when exporting to an interactive PDF.

      Hence the resulting PDF doesn't have the unison - flag checked and when any radio button is selected all the other gender buttons in the entire document are deselected.


      We have plenty of documents which are recreated often, so opening the exported PDF in Acrobat and setting the flag manually is not an option for the long run.


      Any advice would be highly appreciated.