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    Accessibility check passing figures without alt text


      I've been looking at a number of pdfs for my institution, and have disocvered that the Full Check option in Acrobat XI (though I've seen this in Acrobat X as well), isn't marking errors for figures without alt text.  It will on some files, but on most it just marks the test as passed when it should be failed.


      I've double checked that "Figures require alternate text" is checked in the Alternate Text and Headings menu.  Am I missing an option somewhere?  I'm trying to create a workflow for my staff, and I'd much rather the error get marked correctly than to try and get them to remember to handle it.


      If I take the same file that Acrobat passes, and then run it through another program, like the PDF Accessibility Checker, it correctly flags all of those images that Acrobat passes as images without alt text.


      Any thoughts?