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    .aep Files M.I.A!

    Jono P Level 1

      I would really appreciate any input or help right now!



      I have been creating a showreel in AE, and saved many variations of my original file for each shot (like a template). The issue is I went to AME to render, and whilst it still does a mediocre and glitchy job at rendering the composition of source files, the actual source .aeps for each shot (the templated shot variations I mentioned earlier) are now all missing, and I fear many other have gone Missing In Action as well.

      I feel like I am looking for the MH370 using specialist audio equipment with a pair of iphone earphones.


      I have attached a full, dual monitor screenshot, with the right monitor displaying missing .aep files with a "blue orb" type icon, I am assuming indicating the files have gone offline.

      Just to clarify - yes, the entire .aep files have gone missing, along with the folder containing them. However, some other files from folders untouched for over a week have decided to arbitrarily jump ship too.

      I am just trying to make ends meet, all CC is doing is causing me hiccups, this really is horrible. CS5 was amazing.ohno.jpg


      System Info:

      Windows 8.1 64bit via SSD

      Adobe After Effects Version CC (64bit)

      Adobe Media Encoder Version CC (64bit)