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    Reader freezes, won't close.


      Why does Adobe Reader freeze itself on my computer? 


      I have to reboot to close the Reader page.  I can't access my bank statement.  The Adobe site did send my March PayPal statement.  Do I have to open the bank page for them to send me the file to save? 


      Because of the freeze, I can't click to agree to the Reader Eula.  I can't close the Reader without losing whatever else what I had open.


      I am running Vista Home Basic, which I went back to because I found Windows 7 so unweildy.  I used 7 for 18 months and absolutely hated it.  When I downloaded the Reader the server gave me the link for Reader X, not the latest version.  I had the old Reader on this computer, but I got a notification to upgrade.  I uninstalled the previous Reader, and later uninstalled Reader X with Revo Uninstaller because it also removes all the leftover registry crumbs which can cause conflicts if left in the registry, and then reinstalled from a fresh download.

      I'm not having trouble with any other application except Internet Explorer 9, which was put in by Advanced Technology Services.  I use a Vista-compatible version of Firefox.


      I find it very frustrating that I can't connect with an actual Adobe person.