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    How to add a feature to my usb camera import window in CS6

    Imen R.

      I have a USB camera connected to my PC and I can open it with photoshop through File>>import. This camera is connected to a microscope and it essential for each image to have a data bar and lable which I made an script to do it, but to run that script I have to close import window in CS6 or it doesn't let me access anything else, and I don't wnat to close it. All I need is to be able to add a checkmark in import window, or even have some window pop on once I click capture and asks me which script to run and then run it. Does anyone know how to modify driver for my camera. It seems that Twain plugin reads camera driver for available optiions. all I have to do is to madify it and add that option.Any idean how?