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    Flash Builder very slow


      Dear all,


      In Flash Builder 4.7 I have a big slowdown during encoding.


      If I restart the application speed is OK but after a few minutes it becomes very slow (Ctrl + Z, Copy/Paste...).

      Same problem on 2 PCs, including a Core i5,8 GB RAM, and SSD.

      Thank you for your help in advance!


      Best regards,


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          Don't know if it's the same problem that I have but here's my problem and solution.

          Every time I embed CFF fonts in code I get the same behaviour, ie:




          fontWeight= "normal",

          fontStyle= "normal",




          private const  Arial_Normal_CFF:Class;


          So my solution is to place all embeds in a separate master package like InitMaster.as

          Then I just extend the main class with it.


          package {

               import InitMaster;

               public class Main extends InitMaster{

                     public function Main() {


                         //Do your other stuff here          






          The sluggishness (is this a word?) happens only when I open the InitMaster and do copy/paste.


          Oh, and I have a dual cpu, 12 core (24HT) machine with SSD dics and 64GB RAM so it's not a hardware issue.

          Hope this helps.