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    Swipe up and down to play timeline




      I've recently been making my online portfolio on edge and most of it I have managed to sort out but I just can't get swipe gestures to work.


      Here's a link to my website www.nick-plummer.co.uk/ What I'm trying to do is when you swipe up to sym.play( ); and when you swipe down to sym.playReverse( ); the same way it works when you scroll on desktop.


      I've looked around the forums and tried some of the sugestions, most notably the help from TimJaramillo but it doesn't work for me. I'm from a design background so code is a little tricky to deal with for me but I've managed to build what I got so far so I can't be that bad.


      I appreciate any help,


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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hey Nick,


          At what point is the swipe code not working for you? Are you able to trigger a separate function when the user swipes up, versus when he swipes down?


          When debugging, it's good to start from the beginning of your code/function, and work your way through it line by line, or function by function, to find where it's failing. This can be done with console.log(); traces.

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