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    How can I delete ONLY the GPS coordinates from my Hi Res images WITHOUT "Save four Web" or Lightroom

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      I take hi res pics of rare wildlife and plants with both my Camera's and iPhone's GPS deliberately ENABLED. Use the photos and their GPS coordinates to document and plot my sightings with dates on maps. CANNOT disclose those locations to others. I do want to keep the metadata in my pics to the very end.


      Use Photohop Extended CS 6 MAC. Save files as hi res TIFF or PSD and sometimes e-mail/upload my pics to the web when I'm done.


      • I CANNOT use "Save for Web" to delete my metadata — I don't want the jpeg's lossy compression. Need to preserve color profiles.


      • Don't have Lightroom.


      How do use Photoshop to remove ONLY the GPS coordinates from my hi res images EXIF data??? Want to keep other EXIF data.


      Surely Adobe can provide this life-saving service?