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    Is there a known issue displaying pages?


      Using Adobe Digital Editions version 3.0.86137, I can only view one page each time I "read" a document. PageUp and PageDown will change the page number shown at the bottom of the reader screen, but the page content does not change. The only way I have been able to actually view the new page is to go to library mode (leaving reader mode) and then click the "Read" button on the "Last Read" document. I can also navigate to a page using the table of contents, but again, all it does is change the page number at the bottom of the reader. The actual page content does not display until I leave the reader and open it again.

      Is there a remedy for this?

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      Called tech support for the provider of the ebook I'm using, who sent links to reaquire version 3 and to acquire version 1.7.2 in the event vers 3 still didn't work. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling vers 3, but had the same problem. Uninstalled vers 3 and installed vers 1.7.2 and it works great.