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    1 month PScc membership. Automatic renewal?


      I purchased the single month membership for photoshop CC.


      A few days ago i recieved an email with an invoice for the next month. The costs were the same, but the owed amount was 0 (zero).

      This confused me a little bit, but i didn't think much of it because i purchased the product for 1 month only (i assumed).


      Just now i openend PS and it said i could still work in offline mode for 27 days. I figured my 1 month was over.

      I then clicked what i thought was the confirmation button and when i did a window popped up saying my product was activated again.


      I'm confused... Do i need to pay something? Is the credit card i made the initial payment with charged for another monthly payment? Does the membership automatically renew itself if i don't manually cancel?


      And the invoice i got through email wasn't clear to me at all also.. Can someone please clarify?

      Much appreciated!