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    [Help]  Random NPC Movement and Visible Traveling MC

      I am new to AS and am trying to create a game in which I need to have several mcs randomly wandering around on predetermined paths. I also need to have a visible "disease" that is stored and transferred to whichever mc it comes in contact with. I was thinking that there could be several mcs placed at the nodes of some of the paths, and only a few of them are "infected" when the game loads, but as the active mcs run into the "infected" mcs, they become infected as well, carry the "disease", and have the ability to "infect" whichever mcs they run into from that point on.

      If this sounds confusing let me know, but I would love any help that I can get. Obviously getting the mcs to walk from path to path randomly would be a good start, but eventually I would like to have the "disease" function working. Thank you!