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    Password changes?

    Lyle Mannweiler

      Until last week, I would routinely open the CC icon and the table listing the various programs would appear and let me know if updates weere available. No sign on. No passwords. Plain and simple. Last Wednesday that table didn't appear; a new one saying I'd been signed off and I was to sign on again. Did it. Wrong Password. Try again. Wrong. After thrdee or four times went to reset the password. Email sent to me indicating how to do it. Click to Adobe site, enter new password twice. New email says password changed and you're free to go. Return to start over again. Went through that procedure six times with six similar results.


      Posted a question here. One suggestion: Not a Lightdroom of Photoshop problem, you need the Creative Cloud downloader. I'd already tried that: You have to sign on to download it! Now it is suggested it is the new virus and I should check various other passwords that I use; no problems.


      Since then have just occasionally tried again in hopes some miracle has occured. To no avail. I don't see a phone number to make human contact so I guess the next step is to write a letter.


      P.S.--This month's photo package payment was certainly withddrawn from my checking account.