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    problems getting exchange to update


      I am trying to use Adobe Exchange; have never used it to date. 


      Running PS CC on Windows 7; Norton installed.


      After trying to open/use Adobe Exchange, it prompts for Update, then "installs" a new version, but really it doesn't because then the message comes that I need to launch Adobe Extension Manager (required) to install this extension. 


      My options are Yes or No but No just stops the process.


      Yes gives this message:


      "You must install a newer version of Adobe Extension Manager to install this item. Once the upgrade is complete, you can install your item from the 'My Stuff' tab.

      Would you like to go update Extension Manager now?"


      Yes to that prompt takes me back to the invitation to Update for the latest features.  That was were I started before.


      Sometimes I am invited to update Creative Cloud, which fails and tells me to connect to the internet.  (Obviously I am already connected to the internet).


      What is wrong here?