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    Link Converter RH11

    joel.chang Level 1


      RH Html 11

      Windows 7


      I have a 2 part question on the Link Convertor Script:

      1) I can't get the link converter to run within my project. I can edit/save the script however it won't run. I checked this against a version of RH9 I had installed on the same project and was able to run and replace no problem on RH9, RH11 i'm having issues. Anyone else experience this?


      2) How do I change the redirect link back to an existing help page within my manual? I have a few thousand links directing to our website that we want to repoint into the imported content page. Can I simply insert the file name in the redirect link? i.e.

      VAR newlink = 'page.htm'

      Or do I need to include the path as well?


      Thank you for the help