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    Install now says Total size=17MB but Adobe's Install-now button offers only a 1.0 MB file!


      1.  Adobe webpage URL = http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


      2.  Webpage recognizes my system with this statement:  "Your system: Windows 64-bit , English, Firefox" correctly - OS is 64-bit Windows 8, Firefox is v28.0.. 


      3.  Under the big, yellow, Install now button, it says, Total size 17MB. (McAfee checkbox is de-checked)


      4..Clicking the big, yellow, Install now button, it offers to download filename = install_flashplayer13x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe,   size = 1.0 MB!!


      4.1  Should that file name contain "x32?" Shouldn't it be, "x64"?  (See "Your system:Windows 64-bit , English, Firefox" , 2. above)


      4.2  Shouldn't the filesize be 17 MB?


      5.  That file downloaded, was saved (filesize=1.045MB), and started (new download and run 6 times, now)  -- --   and it cannot complete - A problem was encountered...    No inication of what the problem was.


      6.  Started over, each time;   I disabled my AVG protection first, every time; including its firewall; I uninstalled FP v12.0.0.77 after the 2nd try.   After the 5th, I disabled NoScript add-on's script blocking (no scripts blocked, now). Disabled other extensions, too. Nothing made any difference in results.


      7.  The Help link for Win 8 installs takes me to a page for Win 8 with Internet Explorer, and does not offer a Help page for Win 8 with Firefox. No other help seems to be provided than that for IE.


      8.  Chat button had legend underneath saying An agent is available, but clkg on Chat did nothing, esp., No Chat window opened!


      9.  How can I get this AFP v13 to install for Firefox?


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