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    PowerPoint crashes when using Presenter 8


      When I started to use Presenter (version 8, running on Win7/32) in PowerPoint this morning, the program crashed and gave me the message "PowerPoint has stopped working."  


      Upon restarting Powerpoint, I got the following message: "PowerPoint epxerienced a serious problem with the 'adobe presenter powerpoint com addin' add-in.  If you have seen this screen multiple times, you should disable this add-in and check to see if an update is available.  Do you want to disable this add-in?"


      It appears that there are no updates.  As suggested in another posting in this forum, I also tried un-checking Presenter in the file/options/add-ins menu and restarting, but PowerPoint continues to crash. 


      I considered uninstalling and reinstalling, but don't want to do so unless in can deactivate the program, but I cannot deactivate because the program crashes as soon as I engage the help menu.  Customer service (via chat) was not able to help "because the relevant team is not available now . . . "


      Any fixes?  This may be the buggiest and most frustrating program I've ever used.

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          Mayank_M Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          If you are connected to your company's network then please try disabling your Antivirus and check if it is still crashing. If that doesn't work try to unplug the network cable(LAN cable) or Wi-fi and make sure that the computer is completely offline and not connected to the network and then try to launch powerpoint and see if it is still crashing.