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    Creative Cloud causes PS Touch crash


      In my attempt to sign on to Creative Cloud with PS Touch, I've deleted and reinstalled the app on my iPad Air several times now, as that's the only way to reopen it after a crash. Otherwise I can't get past a brief glimpse of the splash screen. I've used PS Touch since it came out on two other iPads (a 2 and a 4) and never had this happen before. I see that quite a few people are having this problem but don't see any replies. Please help! It certainly limits the usefulness of the app if I can't save anything to the Cloud.

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          Romsinha Adobe Employee

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            I have the same problem. I just bought it and when I put the CC login the app crash and I must to delete and re install it.

            I can use without cloud but the it's more interesting to use existing image on cloud.

            Please, were is the bug report on Adobe ?



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              I too am having this problem.  Bought PS Touch today, already have CC.  When I added a picture to CC and opened Touch: crash.  I disabled Wifi and opened Touch, opens fine.  Turned off sync and it works ok.  Just no Cloud.  Wish I'd known before spending the money.

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                I spoke to Adobe on the phone when this problem began for me on March 28th. I was trying to find out where one would submit a bug report. In other words, how can I inform someone at adobe support that there's a problem with Photoshop touch crashing when you're trying to sync to the creative cloud or are connected to the network. I was told the only place for help with mobile apps is on the forum. Needless to say I was less than satisfied with this response. I have had the adobe Photoshop touch app on all of my iPads since it was available in the iTunes store. My current iPad is the iPad Air. Before  March 28th,  I had no issues when using the app or syncing with the creative cloud. I still find the Photoshop touch app to be very useful. However, the inability to have it work with my creative cloud account is extremely frustrating. I find the lack of support that Adobe gives for mobile apps maddening.

                I used to have this great app and the ability to sync it with the creative cloud. That ability no longer exists and there doesn't appear to be any information or support coming from Adobe. I feel that we are not being treated as very valuable customers by Adobe. I'm paying for a creative cloud account without the benefit of its use.