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    Camera Raw Edits Not used in Batch

    Andre Dalton

      Hey Everyone,


      I hope that someone can help me. I made alot of edits to about 100 images in Camera Raw ( ie (de)saturation, exposure adjustments, color adjustments,etc).


      I wanted  to finish up the images ( sharpening, saving) with an action that i created in Photoshop CS6.


      However, when i run the action in photoshop, none of the adjustments that I made in camera raw are visible. In other words, the saved images that were output of photoshop batch were essentially the images right out of the camera. What am I doing wrong?


      I appreciate your help in advance.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Post a screen capture of you action in the action palette expanded so we can see the action steps and setting used in the steps.

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            Andre Dalton Level 1

            Thanks JJack,


            I am trying to upload the image but i am getting a server issue. will try in a few moments. Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 3.10.59 PM.png Here yhou are. its a very simple actions.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              The Action is very simple and does not make much sense to me.  The open step is not expanded so I can only guess that its and interactive open step inserted into the action using insert menu item and you selected file>open.  Other Since your original question is about RAW files I assume your opening a RAW file that has ACR settings previously set. So ACR should open the RAW file you select with its previously set ACR settings.  If  this is and interactive ACR step you can use Open as Object or Open Image.  Since later on in the action I see select layer "Background" you must be using open image for open object would create a smart object layer not a background layer.  You action then dupe the background layer and sharpens the duped layer select the background flattens and save as jpeg.   The result would be the same without the dupe and flatten.  These are needless steps.


              I also don't fully understand your original title "Camera Raw Edits Not used in Batch". Batch actions would normally not have and open step. Photoshop Automate Batch or a Photoshop script like the Image Processor would normally process open document or open files select in the bridge or pointed to in the batch process dialog. If the action has an open step the Batch Dialog has an option that can be used to override open steps. You did not show your bath dialog setting. I have never user that option and don't know exactly that option works. Particularly in this case where you failed to expand the open step.  If it is and Open As Camera RAW all image files in the source location will be open through ACR however JPEG  and Tiff files may not have ACR settings and other image file formats other the raw may cause errors. I do not know how the open step was recorded or how a open as camera raw steps are overridden. I'm sure Open recent and open file would open raw file through ACR and other image files formats would be open Photoshop where JPEG and Tiff file may be set to open through ACR.  Do all image file in you source image location have ACR setting and the file type set to be open via ACR?