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    Unable to re-install Adobe CSS after uninstalling


      I experienced problems installing Adobe Cloud and 2 programs (Lightroom & Photoshop CSS). Uninstalled all and attempted re-install after deleting files manually in C:- drive,

      Re-downloaded program files and ran them. Adobe Cloud and Lightroom installed perfectly, but Photoshop has not installed.

      Creative Cloud (Apps.) window indicates that they are both installed (UP TO DATE). Help needed to open Photoshop CSS

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know if you have made typos or are in the wrong forum.  There is no Photoshop CSS version, but from your description, it sounds like you are talking about the Creative Cloud Desktop Application manager.


          How best to proceed depends to some extent, on what operating system you are using, but it would be safe to suggest that you open and Quit the Desktop Application manager and sign back in again.  This will force it to rescan your system so it knows what is and what isn't installed and/or up to date.


          If you are on a Windows system, best practice after having problems would be to restart your computer.  If you think you have had a failed attempt to install Photoshop, use the Cleaner tool to remove any corrupt code left over from that process.




          If the Desktop Application manager is open, close it and right click and chose Run as Administrator.  Then install Photoshop.  This usually fixes any previous problems.


          Good luck and enjoy Photoshop CC