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    Placed Excel file - why are the dates wrong?

    grum Level 1

      I have just relinked a number of Excel spreadsheets in a Mac InDesignCC document and all the dates are now 4 years and a day later than they should be.


      I've searched the forums and it appears that this is related to the Excel 1900/1904 date system but I can't find any solutions.


      The Excel files are from Windows Excel 2010 and look fine in Excel 2011 for Mac and in Apple Numbers.


      So any ideas how can I get InDesign to also show the dates correctly?





      PS asking my client to update all his files to an Apple Mac date system isn't an option!

      PPS I've tried changing the preference in Excel 2011 to "Use 1904 Date System" but that just adds 4 yrs to the dates in the Excel spreadsheets!!