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    Slow gui redraws in timeline panel


      Dual Xeon 2620v2 12 Cores 24 threads

      Radeon 290X 4GB / Quadro 5000

      SSD Raid 0

      64GB RAM

      win7 64


      ae cc


      Hi everyone,

      After Effects is an absolute pleasure working with and it is one of the most used Softwares in our Animation Studio.

      As compositing lead I'd like to ask a performance related question, that would greatly improve our speed.


      We work on Workstations, that apart from single core performance are quite fast as I would think. (see above)

      Working in the timeline panel with dozents (hundrets) of layers though is quite slow and laggs when the left part (with all the text, blendmodes etc) has to be redrawn.


      Interestingly it is not the amount of layers that is crucial: Havin 50 Layers is as slow as having 200 Layers. The amount that is shown slows the redraw down.


      Turning off columns eg layer colors, blendmodes, etc speeds up the redraw considerably, but is not an option since its slows or workflow. Decreasing the size of the panel speeds it up considerably, but we need the overview.


      Now I would think the graphics cards we have are quite top tier and suspect opengl performance would be the crucial factor here. Though I also read somewhere these redraws are  dependent on cpu single-core performance.


      My question now is quite simple: I would think redrawing gui or parts of it even if there are lots of texts and buttons on it would be feasable and fast on such systems. Is there something we can do to improve the performance? Loosing parts of seconds and seconds everytime we scroll or click on layers adds up to a lot of time (and ultimately frustration ;-) )


      Looking forward to your replies!




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          The behavior is not normal, but there could be any nonber of issues you are not telling us about like specific hardware-accelerated CoDecs messing with display stuff, an odd disk cache setup, lots of keyframes, expressions or any number of other things. If turning off the text-centric parts yields a considerable speed-up one might also suspect font issues, in paricular if a high-DPI display may be involved, but you haven't told us anything about that....



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            A.Kaval Level 1

            Thank you for your reply.


            The displays are usually two 24" fullhd displays.

            Graphics drivers are the newst official stable drivers from nvidia and amd.


            Breaking it down is quite easy: make a new comp and create a hundred solids, maximize the timeline panel and scroll up and down. This lags. No keyframes, no expressions, no scrubbing ;-)


            We have this issue on both win and macs in cs6 and cc with many different hardware systems.


            Not sure how codecs would be involved here. Could you elaborate?


            (turning off cleartype on win7 doesnt improve it)


            Thank you!

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              How much lag are we talking?

              I just tested with 100 solids and I didn't notice much lag at all.

              The test machine I used has an NVIDIA Quadro 5000, 48 GB of RAM and dual Xeon processors (E5-2650 which are 8-core/16-thread chips running at 2.0 GHz), no SSD .


              Is there a reason you are running two video cards from two different companies? What happens if you disable one of them, say, the ATI card, and just run the one NVIDIA card?

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                A.Kaval Level 1

                Hi Szalam,

                We dont have the cards in the same workstation. I meant we have both type of cards on different systems. Both have the lags.


                I am talking about split second lags .. when i scroll up and down for example, it updates the panel every half second or so.

                When there are only few layers in the timeline panel it updates it instantaneously and probably dozents of times per second. (selecting, expanding, etc)


                Timeline panels refreshing every half second doesnt seem like much of a lag, but makes working on large comps quite unprecise in our experience ;-)



                Actually this thread I found states our problem exactly (though no solution):



                One thing I noticed is that one cpu-core goes up to a hundred percent when scrolling the timeline on large (simple!) comps. Is this the problem, that the updates cant be calculated fast enough by the cpu? We also have workstations with single-core speeds of 3,6ghz, they have the same problem... mh


                Thank you!