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    FB 4.6 projects run/debug in separate browser instance?


      I am moving a bunch of projects from Flex Builder 3 to Flash Builder 4.6. One project is a login component which logs in to a PHP server session, and the other components assume the user is already logged in.


      In Flex Builder 3 I can test the components locally by having them all in the same FB workspace and just run the login component first. But in Flash Builder 4.6 the other components do not detect that the user has logged in. It's as if they are running in a separate browser instance.


      Same behaviour with Run and Debug.


      The browser in both cases is IE9, so the problem doesn't seem to be the browser or browser settings.


      I am also using newer Flex libraries but I doubt that matters.


      Is this a known change in FB 4.6? Is there a way to control it?


      Help would be appreciated. Thanks!