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    Getting information from a shared object on the server

    dennington-bear Level 1

      Hi all,
      I am currently stuck and cant find any answers anywhere!! So any help at all would be great!

      Currently Im trying to create a sharedObject on a client and send a string from the client containing information based on phone hardware(e.g. accelerometer and geolocation) to ams. From here I want to be able to access information from the sharedObject on the server in the main.asc to use elsewhere!
      This is where the problem is occurring I cant access the shared object sent by the client. I sent my shared object like this:

                          //best practice is to always check for a successful NetConnection

                                              protected function onNetStatus(event:NetStatusEvent):void


                                                             switch(event.info.code)//Check for a successful NetConnection


                                            case "NetConnection.Connect.Success"://If the netConnection is a success#

                                                                                      so = SharedObject.getRemote("Data", nc.uri, false);//

                                                                                      so.connect(nc);//connect the sharedObject to the srever

                                                  so.addEventListener(SyncEvent.SYNC, syncHandler);//The sync listener

                                                                                      publishCamera(); //Publish the video

                                            case "NetStream.Publish.Start"://If the netStream is a success




                        protected function syncHandler(event:SyncEvent):void


                                       so.setProperty("id", aVar);





      Im just not sure how to access so from server side!! I know this works as I have tested it but if there are better ways to implement it I would be glad to get advice!