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    Very strange InDesign bug


      I'm working with a large InDesign file, full of links and content.


      As a result of to and fro with client we're sending the Masters to them, as and Idml file (they're on CS4 and us on CS6)



      The file was sent back to us as an idml file but for some reason the columns have disappeared from most of the pages. It's worth noting that this is only on one of the master pages. The master page we're using for the pages is perfect, columns and widths are correct it's just the pages it's applied to is where the bug features. One solution is to manually change all pages to the master page again, but this shifts text and images in the layout over the page. For instance lines would suddently become shorter and text would either go off the page or just move elsewhere.


      What I'm asking is, is this just a bug when swapping idml to indd files or is there anything I can do to prevent this??