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    In InDesign, how can I name individual cells in a table for interactive PDFs?


      Hi, I'm creating interactive PDFs for a client that include tables with empty cells that will be populated afterwards (depending on what information a customer puts in on a form).


      The forms are created in InDesign and exported as interactive PDFs, but I need to be able to name the live fields (in InDesign) before I export the Interactive PDF, so that I don't have to select each indivual field in the final PDF and rename them.


      The reason I want to be able to do this pre-PDF production, is because the forms will be rebranded over and over again and I don't want to have to rename hundreds of cells time and time again in Acrobat Pro.


      The deveopler who's populating the cells already has predefined names for them, so I can's simply give him the names that Acrobat automatically defines.