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    Payment Authorisation Failed. Help Please!


      I have been trying to purchase Creative Cloud (Student & Teacher) and I keep getting this error -  "Payment Authorisation Failed".

      There's really no help coming from the Adobe India team, there's just one number that I managed to get through to - 18001205567, the first time I got through some person asked me to e-mail my problem to apaccs@adobe.com ....the e-mail promptly bounced, so I called the number again and someone else asked me to call another number (which, I discoverd, does not exist) and she also asked me to go to a chat link (which, surprisingly, does not exist either!). When I tried calling the number (18001205567) again, it was switched off!!!

      I am so frustrated, I have no idea what to do - the offer is on for a limited time only and I do not want to miss the opportunity of buying this product just because of a technical glitch which I do not fully understand. I whish Adobe India was a little more helpful!

      I am eligible for buying this product through this offer as I am heading a school in my area.