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    Duplicating smart objects across documents


      Hello, what I'm trying to do is keep smart objects linked when duplicating them over to a different document. The thing is, I don't have a problem with the links breaking when I duplicate them from one doc to another on my laptop (a PC) and my friend can also do it on his laptop (a mac). But on my work computer, when I try to duplicate a group with several smart objects inside it, the links break and I am no longer able to update the objects in the doc that I duplicated them into. Does that make sense?? I use Photoshop CC on both my work and home computer, and my friend used Photoshop cs4, but I'm thinking maybe my computer at home isn't the lastest update of CC.. my work computer is, and that is where I am having the issue of broken links. Could this just be a bug in the latest version? Any other thoughts on how I could fix this?